On the evening of May 22, 2024, the Arizona Diamondbacks will take on the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, beginning at 10:10 PM under a clear sky. Pitching for the Diamondbacks is Ryne Nelson with a current ERA of 7.057, while Tyler Glasnow, who holds an ERA of 2.903, will start for the Dodgers.

In the race for the 2024 NL West Division, the Diamondbacks are seventh with a 23-26 record, translating to a .470 winning percentage. They are positioned third in division matchups, with a record of 10-9. Their performance has been mixed, with five wins in their last ten games, sporting a modest one-game winning streak. Road games show a balanced 11-13 record similar to their home stats. Overall, they have scored 235 runs and conceded 234.

The Dodgers, on the other hand, sit second in the division with a superior 33-18 record, reflecting a .647 winning percentage. They lead in division games with 11 wins and 8 losses. Recently, they’ve captured six of their last ten games, despite a recent loss. The Dodgers have shined brighter in night games with 24 victories out of their total 33 wins and have netted 262 runs while allowing 179.

In terms of betting odds, the Dodgers are favorites with a -1.5 point spread and a -277 money line, while the Diamondbacks are underdogs at +227 on the money line. The over/under for the match is set at 8.0 runs. This places strong confidence in the Dodgers, especially given their strong night game performance and Glasnow’s impressive ERA.